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The ITEPS programme

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ITEps, International Teacher Education for Primary Schools

ITEps, International Teacher Education for Primary Schools, the first full bachelor programme which trains students as teachers in International primary schools. ITEps is carried out by a consortium of two universities: University of South-Eastern Norway (Drammen, Norway) and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Meppel, The Netherlands).

We want to train new teachers who perform exceptionally as a teacher, combined in their career with adventure and travel. Some characteristics of the programme are: multicultural understanding, managing the multicultural classroom, study of the various and varied curricula (national and international), teaching practice and research.

Students who want to be a teacher at an international secondary school, see ITEss (International Teacher Education for secondary schools).

There is, for a limited group of students, the possibility to study the ITeps programme in combination with  the ‘Erzieher/Erzieherin’ course. See: ITEps + E