How to become an international teacher

The programme is taught and assessed in English.

The programme has a global character and places a great deal of emphasis on international contacts. Professional specialists from Norway and the Netherlands and some guest lecturers from all over the world will teach you to be a world-class teacher.

The programme aims to develop professional communication and attitude in a challenging and supportive atmosphere.

During Year 1 and Year 2

You will study

  • English as an International Language
  • Mathematics
  • Educational┬áStudies
  • Democratic Citizenship
  • Research and academic working methods I
  • Practical experiences

During Year 3 and 4

You will study

  • Educational Studies
  • Research and Academic Methods II (year 3)
  • Two electives, selected from Physical Education and health, Arts and Culture, Inclusive Education, Intercultural Understanding and Religion, History and Geography, Science and Technology. One elective will be completed at your local university and the other at of the partnership universities. The elective are completed in a semester of approximately five months.
  • Extended practical experiences
  • Design and complete a research projected based in a learning context, and report this research in a thesis and academic presentation (year 4)