The ITEPS programme is concluded by the so called ‘Masterproof’

The programme’s ‘Masterproof’ consists of two components: the final teaching practice and the Bachelor thesis. These two components enable you to demonstrate your mastery of the competencies.

Teaching Experience

There are specific learning outcomes for each teacher experience. There is a relationship between your current study year and the learning outcomes.


All the taught subjects are linked to the teaching experience i.e.:  you must demonstrate that you have achieved the required level in the subject areas you have studied in that year or in previous years. Reflection on the taught subjects on the required level is an assessment criterion. The determined/agreed learning outcomes are the criteria based on which the teaching experience is assessed.

  • During the final teaching experience you are required to demonstrate that you have acquired full mastery of all the competencies.
  • The eight competencies therefore serve as the assessment criteria for the final teaching practice.
  • Two assessors are involved in the final teaching practice. Where possible, one of them will be the external placement mentor.
  • The  examiner, who is appointed by the University, is ultimately responsible for the assessment.

Bachelor thesis

The purpose of the Bachelor thesis is for you to demonstrate that you have mastered all the competencies. The Bachelor thesis must ultimately be presented to and defended before an audience.

The assessment is done by two assessors, one of whom preferably represents the institution where the research was conducted. The assessor from the University, who is officially the examiner, is ultimately responsible for the assessment.

ITEPS determined the following criteria for the Bachelor thesis:

  • Individual;
  • In a topic concerning a teaching issue chosen by the student and approved by the institution;
  • In connection with one of the student’s teaching subjects;
  • Including skills and knowledge acquired through the teaching experience acquired through the course;
  • Using academic method and theories;
  • With an intercultural and international aspect.

Bachelor of Education title

Once you have completed your four-year programme, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Education title. You will receive a diploma supplement with your diploma to show that you are also specifically prepared to teach in an international school.