Teaching Experience

Practice and experience

Teaching experience is a very important component in the training of your professional skills. You will start your teaching practice usually in the first year. The teaching practice is typically structured like this (the teaching practice is structured a bit different among the partners, although the learning outcome is the same):

Year 1: Orientation

Observation and teacher training in a (international) school. Teacher mentors will help you to enter the classroom and start your teaching career.

Year 2: Thorough introduction to the variety in teachers work

You will have more responsibility for planning longer learning cycles. You will also experience the complexity of teachers’ work, both inside and outside the classroom. There may be an option for conducting the teaching practice in a national school, if we can approve the school. More information will be provided at your campus.

Year 3: Educational management

You will teach at an International school, continuing work and responsibility from year 2. This could also be a bilingual school. You are required to do your teaching practice in the English department of the bilingual school.

Year 4: Demonstrate mastery of the eight competencies

Through the teaching experience, the aim in the last year is to demonstrate your mastery of the eight competencies. You should also do the research for your Bachelor thesis in this period.

Teaching practice competencies

Every year the students do their teaching experience with a different accent – one that is linked to the structure of the curriculum.

The eight competencies are:

1.            Intercultural competencies

2.            Interpersonal competencies

3.            Pedagogical competencies, methodology and evaluation

4.            Subject knowledge and didactics

5.            Organisational competencies

6.            Collaborating competency

7.            Communicating competency

8.            Reflection, research and development competency