Become a world-class teacher

ITEPS = International Teacher Education for Primary Schools

If you have a passion to teach and are open to new cultures, teaching abroad may suit you. ITEPS is the first full Bachelor programme which trains students as teachers in international schools.

Through the ITEPS programme you are exposed to different national and international educational approaches and systems. You will have several periods of teaching practice in international schools.

Four-year programme

Once you have completed your four-year programme, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Education title. You will receive a diploma to show that you are specifically prepared to teach at an international school.

International education in great demand
The number of international schools is growing fast. The demand for applicants with an international teacher education background is also increasing dramatically in many parts of the world.

A few good reasons to choose ITEPS

  • The number of international schools in the world is rapidly increasing.
  • Great demand for well-qualified teachers in international education.
  • It is the first Bachelor programme that prepares for a primary school teaching career in international schools all over the world.
  • Professional specialists from several countries will teach you to be a world-class teacher.

How to apply