International Education

Different cultures and nationalities

Teaching in an international school entails working with children of different nationalities and often different cultural backgrounds. The programme prepares you to recognise the differences and to actually make use of them.

Outside the school

Besides the different cultures and nationalities in the school, you will also have to deal with differences outside the classroom: For example, you will consult with the children’s parents, make sure that new children settle quickly into their new class and prepare them for going to new countries.

Work with and in international society. You will

  • help build and reinforce sense of identity and cultural awareness.
  • teach children to be globally responsible in their role as global citizens.
  • promote mobility and co-operation.
  • encourage intercultural respect and understanding.
  • work with the local community, parents, institutions and groups.

ITEPS core values

The ITEPS programme promotes high performance and intercultural awareness in its curriculum. The core values of the ITEPS programme are international mindedness, democratic values of social cohesion, active citizenship and intercultural understanding.